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The groundbreaking clamping system for 5-axis machines

The MillTec Round circular magnetic chucks represent an innovative solution for clamping pieces of 5-axis machines.

Working on 5 axes allows the use of shorter tools to increase the feeds and the cutting speed. With a machine equipped with this technology, it is easier to carry out complex operations such as the complete profiling, the undercut working, the through holes and the creation of pockets.

Best machine performance is achieved when all five faces of the workpiece are accessible; unfortunately, with traditional locking systems, the processing area is limited by the presence of the brackets, which often require multiple setups. With MillTec the workpiece is clamped from the base, without any obstacle to the tool, with multiple benefits:

  • Increased productivity
    Complete machining on 5 sides in one setup without the limitations of the brackets.
  • Reduction of time and costs
    No waste of money; screws, brackets, consumables are no longer needed. No wasting time for the preparation of the fixing tools; the workpiece is clamped in a few seconds.
  • High accuracy
    The clamping is uniform on the entire contact surface; this results in the absence of distortions and deformations.
  • Flexibility
    It is not necessary to pre-machine the workpiece.

The reduced thickness (MTG: 1.65″ – MTB: 2.4″) and light weight facilitate the machine’s performance, improving the useful range. MillTec presents a steel frame which can be machined to create references, holes or alignment keys.

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It ensures complete elimination of machine vibrations, optimizing the uniformity and accuracy of finishing. Thanks to this exclusive patent developed by Tecnomagnete, the magnetic clamping on milling achieves unprecedented quality standards.

The innovative magnetic surface allows a considerable increase in the machining speed and a significant reduction in the consumption of tools, offering a real uniform clamping between the workpiece, the magnet and the machine table.

Tecnomagnete designed the patent Quadsystem MONOLITE to maximize the performance of magnetic equipment, allowing it to withstand heavy duty operations. The innovative honeycomb monolithic structure, without any mechanical parts assembled, also ensures absolute stability in the absence of bending.

PFR 70/20 fixed pole extensions

Equipping all Milltec surfaces with fixed pole extensions PFR 70/20 lets you raise the piece for through holes operations. The extensions also act as a mechanical shield (easily replaceable), to preserve the surface area in the plane in time.

RMP mobile extensions

These mobile pole extensions are designed by Tecnomagnete to offer an easy positioning and optimum magnetic performance, also guaranteeing the elimination of chips and impurities during the flow of the transmission.
RMP is also available in the /SC version for thin pieces.

Technical specifications

Model MTG /RDimensions Ø (in)Dimensions h (in)Weight (lbs)Poles (n.)Force (Tons**)
MTG /R 50019.881.651981610,5
MTG /R 60025.201.653083221,0
MTG /R 70027.551.653753623,5
MTG /R 80031.51.654855234,0
MTG /R 100040.151.657717045,5

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