EM/BU beams for handling packages

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Patented technology to ensure maximum safety

Electromagnetic technology systems generate a magnetic flux that penetrates deep within the load, and holds it firmly. These features are required in the handling of loads in layers typically parcels and bundles.

The electromagnetic EM series beam clamps, carries and drops the load with ease, using just one operator, at a safe distance. It is convenient because it operates above the load; do not deform it and does not compress it.

Advantages of an EM System

  • Large depth of magnetic field
  • Rapid activation and deactivation
  • Checks the state of loading at each cycle and automatic charging of the batteries
  • Magnetic field intensity regulator depending on the load.
  • TIPPING function: allows the operator to select the load to move, releasing any excess.
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The Neutral Crown patented system ensures that the frame of the module, machined from a solid block, presents a magnetically neutral surface: contiguous loads are not attracted. The magnetic flux is conveyed only where necessary.

EM use a two-way technology: The magnet consists of 2 North + South Pole separate generators that guarantee efficiency and reliability than with other conventional systems that use a single directional technology.

EM modules are built to last over time as solenoids are wrapped in a resistant elastic resin and have compact ampere turns; This limits the generation of heat and allows a 50% higher longevity.

Characteristics of the load

EM /BU modelØ min-max (in)Max amount (n.)Ø min bar (in)Max length (ft)Max Load (lbs)
EM /BU 2/0259.8" - 11.8"10.31"19.7'5,500
EM /BU 2/0509.8" - 11.8"20.31"19.7'11,000
EM /BU 4/0309.8" - 11.8"10.31"39.4'6,600
EM /BU 4/0609.8" - 11.8"20.31"39.4'13,200
EM /BU 4/1209.8" - 11.8"40.31"39.4'26,400
EM /BU 4/1509.8" - 11.8"60.31"39.4'33,000

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