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BR and BRW modules

To optimize storage spaces and lifting operations

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Quick and safe solution for handling slabs

Slabs are a particularly difficult load to handle: their handling is implemented using traditional methods (ropes and chains) involves the presence of staff near the load, with consequent risks for people and equipment.

Rational systems also lead to frequent breaks of clamping systems, with related downtime and very expensive costs. Load separation management also reduces storage spaces and represents an additional cost.

BR magnetic modules clamp the top of the load, with uniform and strong anchorage and are extremely safe. Since using permanent electro magnetic technology is not affected to any power outages. Moreover, it does not require backup batteries.

Clamping, lifting operations, cargo handling and release are quick; only one operator is able to accomplish all operations with ease. You can operate without spacers between the slabs, streamlining storage spaces.

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BR modules are capable of developing a safety factor of 1:3 (force that is 3 times the maximum permissible load) not just under ideal conditions, but even in the harshest operating conditions. The optimized polar area works with a maximum concentration of magnetic force in the presence of loads with uneven surfaces.

The BRW version has a particular shape of the structure, with an auto-leveling device that allows you to balance the load and prevent imbalances.

A number of security systems prevent lifting loads over the limit value (PICKUP), demagnetization during movement (DAUTANAC), accidental activations and deactivations (SAFE).

  • BR/S: Single module for slabs up to 26 feet
  • BR/DL: Pair of modules integrates on the structure for forklift handling
  • BR/D: Set of modules to install on the beam for slabs up to 40 feet
  • BR/W: Set of integrated modules on a structure.

Characteristics of the load

ModelMin thickness (in)Min width (ft)Max width (ft)Min length (ft)Max length (ft)Max load (lbs)
BR /W 4005.9"3.28'8.2'19.7'39.4'88,200

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