Billet Handling System

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Steel Industry

Train and rolling stock

High-performance system with maximum clamping force

Billet handling systems often experience difficulties during the layer gripping phase, instability during travel and at the moment when releasing the load. This operation represents a significant cost in terms of time necessary for completing the process, in addition to being a potential source of risks for the operator on the ground.

The electro-permanent BL series system meet the needs of handling systems offering a high-clamping force with safety characteristics and reliability that is unattainable by other technologies. BL systems engage the load from above, without damaging it.

A single operator is able to complete the entire operation of gripping, handling and release positioned at a distance from the load, avoiding the use of ropes or chains and without the need of spacers between the billets.

BL Systems are available in several configurations, optimized for different fields of application:

  • Storage in warehouses/stores
  • Loading and unloading of trucks, ships, rail cars
  • Handling in steel mills and foundries (with temperatures up to 600 °C).
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Advantages of a BL System

  • Fast manoeuvring times: Increasing productivity
  • Permanent-electro features and therefore insensitive to power outages: total safety for personnel and equipment
  • Maintenance Free: No buffer batteries are required
  • PICKUP System preventing load lifting above safety limits
  • DAUTANAC System preventing demagnetization during handling.

For handling cold layers of billets.

Hot billet layer handling, with temperatures in the vicinity of up to 600 °C.

For round and square billets. Also in HT version.

Version dedicated to the movement of layers of rails.

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