New way in grinding: GrindTec

New way in grinding: GrindTec

Now there is an alternative to the classic parallel-pole magnet for grinding: GrindTec.
The surface is 100% metallic, with round poles carved from solid block.
The area in contact with the workpiece is sturdy and impenetrable, reliable and durable.

GrindTec is bidirectional: it adopts a round polar geometry and each pole generates a constant clamping force of 150 Kg.
Thanks to the special mobile polar extensions, the workpiece can be thickened automatically.

GrindTec is equipped with the patented “NUFLUX” system, for the complete elimination of magnetic residue from the workpiece, also on alloy steel parts.

Suitable for workpieces with thicknesses starting from 5mm, GrindTec is available in various sizes, rectangular or circular, for all types of machines.

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