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Objective: Lean manufacturing, in small batches

Shigeo Shingo, the Toyota engineer who prophesied the concepts of modern SMED production (Single Minute Exchange of Die), is considered essential in search for maximum production efficiency “eliminating installation errors and production start tests,” “use functional fasteners, which eliminate the need for adjustments,” “tend to systems that allow production changes in one touch in fewer than 100 seconds (OTED/One-Touch Exchange of Die)”.

A magnetic quick mold change system meets these 3 fundamental concepts: with PressTec you eliminate downtime for fixing brackets, adjustment and tests between a production lot. The mold change procedure is consistent and replicable over time without contingencies. Powered by 2 magnetic modules are easily installed on any type of machine, becoming an integral part with a small footprint.

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The most advanced magnetic fixing system

PressTec GRIP is the most advanced magnetic fixing system: Stems from 20 years of specific experience and over 10,000 equipped presses. Created in a monolithic construction: CNC machined and is completely made in a metal, with no resins, gaskets, screws, brass or other materials. It is extremely reliable: There are no components subject to wear, deformation or thermal expansion.

The exclusive GRIP effect generates magnetic force towards the machine, rendering the pallet as a whole: machine/magnetic/mold a unique body, insensible to vibrations and to deflections. The thickness of the magnetic modules is extremely compact: only 37 mm, allowing more daylight to the machine and reducing weights increasing the speed of molding.

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Quick and easy

PressTec clamps molds of any shape and size with strength. Drastically reduces mold changeover times (up to 90%) compared to a conventional procedure. A single operator easily and safely performs the operation, without working inside the machine.


It does not require any changes to the molds. The return on investment with frequent mold changes is very small, possibly in a few months. Working with PressTec means even eliminating the cost of maintenance and management of brackets, consumables, fasteners.


PressTec guarantees a uniform mold clamping, that is held using the whole contact surface. Clamping the mold with uniformity allows obtaining good quality parts even with the first molds. The two mold halves are perfectly aligned: friction is minimized, preserving wear of molds and the machine.


A permanent-electro system: an electrical pulse activates the system in a second (MAG): the mold is held by the natural force of the permanent magnets. The clamping force remains constant even in the absence of a power supply: Don’t be preoccupied about power outages. In addition, PressTec ensures consistency of performance up to 120 °C.

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