Permanent-electro magnetic chucks for precision grinding

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The guarantee of a uniform magnetic clamping on the whole surface

Spanning thirty years of cooperation with many leading manufacturers of grinding machines, we offer a range of models suitable for all production requirements.

Clamping with a permanent-electro chuck allows the blocking of the workpiece in a uniform manner over the entire surface, reducing vibration during machining. The permanent-electro does not generate heat, so it does not heat up or deform the workpiece.

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The permanent-electro magnetic chucks TFP are available in different versions:

  • TFP0
    Version with steel + resin surface, suitable for universal use.
  • TFP1
    Variant with steel and brass surface, more wear-resistant and not subject to thermal expansions. Suitable for workpieces with minimum thickness 5mm.
  • TPF
    With a dense magnetic texture, it is designed for clamping small pieces with minimum thickness 2mm.

All TFP modules are available in circular configuration / C, with standard diameters starting from 300mm.

The TFP modules, thanks to the patented “NUFLUX” system, automatically remove any residual magnetism from the workpiece surface, even in the presence of alloyed materials.

The frame of the TFP module is a single piece machined from a steel block. This ensures unique characteristics of rigidity and the absence of deformations in time. Multiple modules can be joined to compose magnetic tables of various sizes.

The permanent-electromagnetic circuit allows activation and deactivation of the magnetic clamping force in a few moments, just by pushing a button. From this moment and for the whole processing phase, the power supply is not needed. The advantages: maximum safety, energy saving, absence of dilations and deformations related to the overheating of the magnet.

Technical specifications

Model TFPDimensions A (mm)Dimensions A (mm)Dimensions A (mm)Weight (kg)
TFP 305 /T3005005160
TFP 306 /T3006005170
TFP 307 /T3007005180
TFP 309 /T30090051100
TFP 310 /T300100051120
TFP 405 /T4005005180
TFP 406 /T4006005190
TFP 407 /T40070051100
TFP 408 /T40080051120
TFP 410 /T400100051150
TFP 505 /T5005005190
TFP 506 /T50060051110
TFP 507 /T50070051130
TFP 508 /T50080051150
TFP 510 /T500100051180
TFP 605 /T60050051110
TFP 606 /T60060051130
TFP 607 /T60070051150
TFP 608 /T60080051180
TFP 610 /T600100051220
Model TPFDimensions A (mm)Dimensions B (mm)Dimensions C (mm)Weight (kg)
TPF 1545 /T1504505125
TPF 2040 /T2004005130
TPF 2045 /T2004505135
TPF 2050 /T2005005140
TPF 2060 /T2006005145
TPF 2070 /T2007505155
TPF 2550 /T2505005145
TPF 2560 /T2506005155
TPF 3050 /T3005005155
TPF 3060 /T3006005165
TPF 3080 /T3008005190
TPF 3010 /T300100051110
TPF 4050 /T4005005175
TPF 4050 /T4006005190
TPF 4050 /T40070051100
TPF 4050 /T40080051115
TPF 4050 /T400100051145

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