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Permanent-electro magnetic systems for milling

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An exclusive system thanks to the latest evolution of the square pole: Quad Extra

The permanent-electro magnetic chucks Quad Extra series provide quick and flexible clamping of a large variety of ferrous parts on milling machines, machining centers and pallets FMS systems. They are powerful, lightweight, compact, easy to install and operate, and give significant immediate advantages.

By operating with vices and clamps the workpiece is never completely free; multiple setups are required to complete the processing cycle.

With Quad Extra the piece is free on 5 sides for machining; the clamping force is distributed uniformly over the entire contact surface without any compression and deformation. This results in lower machining vibrations, better finishes and reduced machine stress.

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Quad Extra: the unique advantages of a patented technology


Quad Extra is based on an exclusive patent: the magnetic area is made of a modular polar plate machined from a solid block, fixed with high resistance screws to the main monoblock construction frame. The clamping surface is made of steel and resin and the “double grid” polar layout allows closer magnetic stitches.

The innovative shape of the magnetic system electro Quad Extra allows for:

  • a high structural rigidity due to the multi-polar plates integrated in the monoblock frame
  • a greater reliability in time thanks to a reduced amount of resin
  • a higher force concentration on the pieces, thanks to the “double-grid” pattern


The innovative HE (High Efficiency) configuration has an arrangement of the magnetic poles for a perfect balance of magnetic zones. This allows the maximum magnetic concentration on the piece, in any position, and makes it easy to find neutral areas where drilling holes can be created for references or stops.

Self shimming and automatic stress release

A combination of fixed and mobile polar extensions allows creation of a flexible magnetic bed that can clamp itself to the workpiece and lock it firmly.

  • Fast and automatic shimming of the workpiece
  • Stress release of pieces of any size
  • Easy contouring and through drilling.

Technical specifications

Model QX HE50Dimensions A (mm)Dimensions B (mm)Dimensions C (mm)Weight (kg)Poles (n.)Force (Ton**)
QX 305 HE50 2704905150187,2
QX 306 HE50 2706205160249,6
QX 308 HE50 27078051803012,0
QX 309 HE50 27091051903614,4
QX 310 HE50 2701040511104216,8
QX 403 HE50 4003305150208,0
QX 405 HE50 40049051703012,0
QX 406 HE50 40062051904016,0
QX 408 HE50 400780511205020,0
QX 409 HE50 400910511306024,0
QX 410 HE50 4001040511507028,0
QX 505 HE50 47049051903614,4
QX 506 HE50 470620511104819,2
QX 508 HE50 470780511406024,0
QX 509 HE50 470910511607228,8
QX 510 HE50 4701040511808433,6
QX 605 HE50 600490511104819,2
QX 606 HE50 600620511406425,6
QX 608 HE50 600780511708032,0
QX 609 HE50 600910512009638,4

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