Magnetic lifters with control lever

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Load handling in complete efficiency

MaxX is the most practical, safe and economical way to handle ferrous loads, floors, round, finished or raw. The load is lifted from the top, with ease, without deformation or damage.

It is ideal to load of machine tools, systems flame cutting, in fabrication works, shipyards, foundries, to steel industries, for the movement of the molds.

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Patented circuit Corona Neutra conveys the magnetic flux only where necessary, in the load. This ensures consistent performance, absence of residual magnetic attraction and prevents problems of adjacent loads.

MaxX-09MaxX warns you of potential dangers. The “smart lever” perceives when load conditions are not optimal (unbalanced load, of incorrect material, incorrect thickness) and communicates this condition by creating a strong resistance to activation. You have always the certainty of moving properly.

The magnetic circuit is designed to operate safely even in the presence of loads with uneven surfaces (rust, paint, rough). Each lifter is subjected to a test in which the force must generate the triple needed to lift the load on said plate (ratio 1: 3).

The size and the weight content allow to operate in reduced maneuvering space, maximizing the capacity of the crane.

The one-piece construction (patented) and total treatment nickel make MaxX resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion. 5 year warranty.


Version designed for the safe handling of metal sheets and tubes with thin walls. The special structure of the polar surface concentrates the magnetic flux at a closer distance.

MVS – MaxX Vertical System

It is the device for handling of pieces in vertical planes, designed to speed up the operations of loading / unloading workpiece on a horizontal spindle milling machines.


For handling sheet metal, flat and round large size MAXXI is used in conjunction with crossbars fixed MAXXI series.

Characteristics of the load

MaxX modelMinimum thickness (mm)Ø Max (mm)Length Max (mm)Max load plate (kg)Max load round (kg)
MaxX 125203001.00015050
MaxX 250203001.500250100
MaxX 300E203001.500300150
MaxX 500254002.000500200
MaxX 600E254002.000600250
MaxX 1000404503.0001.000400
MaxX 1500455003.0001.500600
MaxX 2000556003.0002.000800
MaxX TG modelMinimum thickness (mm)Ø Max (mm)Length Max (mm)Max load plate (kg)Max load round (kg)
MaxX TG 15082401.50015050
MaxX TG 300102902.000300100

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