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Our history

Over 40 years devoted to development and innovation

The beginnings date back to 1974, when M. Cardone, passionate about technology and innovation, founded in Milan Tecnomagnetica sas. The company employed 15 workers. ‘Tecno’ because it is characterized by technological excellence, ‘Magnetic’ as the activity is focused solely on the electro-permanent magnets.

The new “magnets” were well received by the market, which appreciates solutions hitherto unprecedented in the world of equipment for the industry. The increase in demand meant that the fast growing company in 1988 evolved into Tecnomagnete – Joint Stock Company. In 1992 the headquarters moved to Lainate (MI). In the 90s there was the internationalization process with the opening of commercial subsidiaries in France, Germany, USA, Tokyo and representative offices in Shanghai and Singapore.

Tecnomagnete today has 200 employees in Italy, where production is totally concentrated. The foreign market is manned by direct branches and a network of exclusive distributors, industrially advanced in each country.

Corporate development and technological achievements

1975: Patent permanent-electro technology.

1978: Patent neutral Crown. Production starts with a manually operated lifter.

1980: The first permanent-electro lifter for heavy loads.

1983: Patent Quad System – milling and lifting.

1990: The first magnetic system for molds, the QuadPress.

1999: MaxX The manual lifter, the world’s best-selling.

2005: Quad Stamp line – for metal stamping.

2007: Patents: QuadExtra – RMP polar extensions – ATS self-diagnostic system.

2008: Reached 150,000 MaxX lifters, 100,000 permanent-electro systems sold. The turnover reaches 50 Mil / €.

2009: Monolite Patents – Full-metallic surface.

2011: Patent Flexomag – Dual action modules.

2013: Patent GRIP effect.

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