NEWS n.1 - January 2004
A complete range of permanent-electro magnetic system to clamp workpieces on milling, grinding, turning machines. Special equipment for rail machining.
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Magnetic QMC systems to clamp the molds on standard plastic injection machines and metal presses.
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Manual lifter for loads up to 2000 kg. Permanent-electro magnetic system for ferrous loads of any shape and dimensions.
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 New coils lifter 30tons capacity
Our last realization in coil handling.
This permanent-electro model, designed for vertical eye coil, has a SWL of 30 tons.

The main difference in comparison with our previous realizations is that now the frame of this module is made from a solid block of steel: this means better collision resistance and more lightness.


This system was supplied to Ornasteel Enterprise Corporation, Malaysia.

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